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Color 35mm & APS

At the Galloway Digital Photo Lab we care about the quality of the image you receive. Our lab technicians have a combined 50+ years experience of providing our customers with the very best value for their processing dollar. We are always looking for new ways to better serve our customers. Every time you bring your images to our lab for processing we analyze each negative or digital file to ensure that you get the best results.


We take the time to adjust color and density on each and every image so that your images are as accurate as possible. We run daily chemical and color balance tests on all of our equipment to ensure that they are operating at peak performance levels. Our lab prints are guaranteed fade free and archival. We offer a standard one hour service on 35MM, APS, and digital photofinishing orders, something you would have to pay extra for at other labs. We offer many different print sizes from a wallet size to large wall posters. Chances are if you need a specific size print we can make it happen. All of our prints are the highest quality that you will find in the Wabash Valley.



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